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About Sherry Christie

Sure, you could choose a local writer instead of me. But wouldn't it be great to have an excuse for a business meeting on the coast of Maine?

Copywriting with brains and heart

There are a lot of us writers around. Generally, we all have some skill in stringing words together. Most of us also know how to meet your time and money constraints. Sometimes we have extra psychology, industry, or business experience that helps us understand what your customers want. A fortunate few possess the marketing savvy to appreciate your brand and product strategies — or perhaps help you evolve them.

When you find someone who has all these qualities, you have a writer who can get into your audience's mind and make something happen.

Business Name: Sherry Christie the Writer

My woman-owned business meets all IRS criteria as an independent contractor.

Communications specialty:

My specialty is explaining complex ideas and products clearly, so people can make smarter decisions that will improve their personal or professional lives.


When I'm not working:

I'm probably writing my historical novel, Roma Amor (click here for a preview). Or if it's summer, the wind is holding at 8-12 knots, and we're not socked in with fog, Harry and I might be out sailing our 1929 Atlantic-class sloop.

My "boatlady" e-mail address derives from another vessel, though: the Alden yawl we lived on in the Bahamas and on Chesapeake Bay. Currently being restored, she's a youngster - built in 1957. Here in Maine, we really like the good old stuff.

Photo at left: You wouldn't know it from this picture, but our sailboat is fast enough to have set a course record in the local regatta. (We should all be so hot at age 80!) That's Harry on the tiller, me in the middle, and one of our nieces on the bow.

Interested in working together? Call me at (207) 497-2119, or e-mail me.

SHERRY CHRISTIE ~ Phone/Fax 207-497-2119 ~ Email: boatlady@sherrychristie.com

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