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The nonfiction books I've co-authored focus on helping people become stronger, more balanced, and more fulfilled in their lives. They can all be ordered online or through your favorite bookstore.

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New! Revisded and updated for 2009!
Book: Overcoming Spending

Overcoming Overspending
A Winning Plan for Spenders and Their Partners

By Olivia Mellan & Sherry Christie

ISBN 978-0982289501
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"In this updated version of Overcoming Overspending, Olivia has continued her pioneering work in money psychology, and has made an invaluable contribution to the lives of overspenders, whether single or in relationships…. I'd recommend this book to anyone struggling with overspending."

—April Lane Benson, Ph.D.,
author of To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

Do you or someone you love have trouble saying No when the urge to spend strikes? Are you always living on the edge financially because your intention to save money is never as strong as your compulsion to spend it?
This dynamic, compassionate program will help you understand your relationship with money and tame out-of-control spending by using:

Money Shy to Money Sure
A Woman’s Road Map to Financial Well-Being

By Olivia Mellan & Sherry Christie

ISBN: 978-0802713476 - Buy now at

Book: Money Shy to Money Sure

Read the book review in May/June 2007 Round the Table, the magazine for Million Dollar Round Table members.

If you feel nervous or confused when dealing with money decisions, you're not alone. Many smart women recognize the need to make informed decisions about money, yet are thwarted in their efforts because of anxiety and insecurity — emotions that often come out of parental, cultural, and social influences.
Nationally known money therapist Olivia Mellan has long understood that you can't make good money decisions unless you realize what role money plays in your life. In Money Shy to Money Sure, she and I lead you on a journey of self-discovery that will boost your financial confidence and expertise. You'll learn:

"Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie are great mentors, giving women the knowledge and perspective to demystify money management."

— Linda Ellerbee, TV producer, journalist, and best-selling author

New book! Now available!
Book: The Client Connection

The Client Connection
How Advisors Can Build Bridges That Last

By Olivia Mellan & Sherry Christie

ISBN 978-0872189812 - Buy the book at

When you press the trigger of money, what happens next is hard to predict. People's financial behavior often has more to do with their fears, anxieties, conflicts, and fantasies than what is rationally in their best interest. The Client Connection includes nearly two dozen essays that will give you new insight into where clients are coming from. For example, you'll learn more about aging and the brain, how people can succeed in changing bad habits, and how to deal well with stress and trauma.

"Olivia Mellan has compiled some of her best work on building rich and lasting client relationships in The Client Connection. There is nothing more important in the advisory business than the connection you have with your client. This book is a graduate-level crash course on the subject!"

— Sheryl Garrett, CFP® Founder, Garrett Planning Network

"Olivia Mellan has more knowledge and insight into how people think about and behave with money than anyone I know. She and co-author Sherry Christie create penetrating pieces that help financial advisors better understand why their clients say and do the things they do, and more importantly, how to help them better handle their finances."

— Bob Clark, Publishing Consultant, Former Editor-in-Chief, Dow Jones Investment Advisor


The Advisor's Guide to Money Psychology
Taking the Fear Out of Financial Decision-Making

By Olivia Mellan with Sherry Christie

ISBN 978-1878604767 - Buy now at

Book: The Advisor's Guide to Money Psychology

This fully updated second edition helps financial professionals master the basics of money psychology to better understand — and serve — their clients. This "must have" bestseller has been updated to cover it all, including:

Get the skills needed to enhance your business and cultivate a practice that meets your needs and fits your personality.

"It would seem that for practitioners who actually have to talk to clients, an education in psychology and counseling is almost mandatory. Most of us have muddled through learning these things by the seat of our pants, others have that gift naturally, and some... well, let's just say that they should sit in the back office. No matter which type you are, I think you'll find the musings of Mellan and Christie helpful."

— Gary W. Silverman, CFP, in a book review for the Financial Planning Association (

Book: Making Your Company Human

Making Your Company Human:
Inspiring Others to Reach Their Potential

By Le Herron with Sherry Christie

ISBN 978-0977918034 - Buy now at

How can leaders create the kind of organization that people enjoy working for — one that turns them on and inspires them to use their talents to the fullest?

Le Herron, a CEO for 24 years, describes a way to foster this kind of environment, using the real-life example of O.M. Scott & Sons, the best-known lawn & garden products company in the world. Rich in the timeless wisdom of an extraordinary leader, Making Your Company Human should be studied by anyone who aspires to help people experience more fulfillment, joy, and success in their work. Its principles can benefit almost every kind of organization, from small businesses to large corporations, community groups, government agencies, and spiritual congregations.

"This is a leader who has been there, and done it with real people. Its real value is in Herron's understanding of how important credibility, honesty, open communication, and vision are to great leadership. NO ONE who is in a position of real leadership will be able to read this book and not come away charged with ideas and enthusiasm for improving their management communication. I'm CEO of a public company, 3700 associates after starting with one... I can tell you this guy gets it. Leadership at its best."

— Pete Kight, Chairman and CEO, CheckFree Corporation

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