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I love writing letters for clients. They can be very personal, very responsive to current developments, and very tightly focused. Whether the letter stands alone or is the nucleus of a direct-mail package, there's a limited amount of space in which to tell your story and move the recipient to action.

This selection of letters runs a gamut of goals, from conveying bad news to attracting new business. To protect my clients' current programs, most of the samples are not recent.


Crisis e-Mail

Union Plus (2008)

As the financial crisis worsened in the fall of 2008, Union Plus wanted to advise 500,000 union members of specific things they could do to cope with the upheaval. I researched and wrote this timely message, which was e-mailed in October.


"Leveraging the Moment" Letters

Synovus Financial (2003)

The market's down. Interest rates are in the basement. Sound familiar? The last time things were this discouraging, these two letters went to Synovus's investment customers and banking customers offering them an opportunity to earn more on their cash.


Competitive Defense Letter

Independence Bank (2001)

What would you do if a big competitor moved into your market area? This NY bank decided to go on the offensive. To win over non-customers, my letter had to sell a partner, not just a product.


Capabilities Letter

American National Bank (2002)

When your company makes an acquisition, it’s a great opportunity to remind customers how smart they are to have chosen you. Here’s a capabilities letter that’s not just fluff.

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