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Usage Incentive Letter

Harris Bank (2000)

How do you encourage inactive customers to make more use of your services? The John H. Harland Company came up with an incentive that inspired me to put extra sizzle in this letter.


Bad News Letter

American National Bank (2002)

Sometimes the news isn't good. But you still have to let your customers know about it as honestly (yet as positively) as possible, as in this office closing announcement.


Relationship-Building Sales Letter

Nationwide Financial (2001)

A series of personally signed letters is a great way for a locally based sales representative to begin or strengthen a relationship with local customers and prospects. This letter urges business owners to insure their most important asset: themselves.


Customer Service Letter

Synovus Mortgage Corp. (2003)

The letters that customers receive about routine matters need to be as personable and professional as the rest of your communications program. Here’s one of 47 letters I wrote for a mortgage servicing group to use. I created a similar letter library for a big credit-card company.

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