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Whether the target audience is the end user, your sales team, or third-party influencers, smart, empathetic sales tools are a must. From "take-ones" to training manuals, from sales kits to comprehensive brochures, I’ll work with you to make your messages more powerful and persuasive.


Full-Sized Business-to-Business Services Brochure

Compass Consulting (2008)

Through Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), small and mid-sized businesses can obtain insurance and employee benefits more efficiently. In this brochure for PEOs, Compass Consulting emphasized its strengths as a risk and resource management consultant.


Full-Sized Consumer Product Brochure

SunTrust Private Client Services (2003)

The task: Introduce a way for affluent customers to fix a problem they may not know they have. And by the way, it’s a complex solution with multiple features and benefits. SunTrust chose a high-end name and “look” for its new cash management account, then asked me to do the rest in this full-size 12-page brochure.


Internal Merchandising Piece

Bank of America/Fleet Private Bank (2005)

How do you get two lines of business to cooperate more often? Praise them when they do — as Bank of America did in this internal piece, which celebrated a joint effort by the insurance group and the Private Bank to meet a wealthy customer's needs.


Small Consumer Educational Brochure

Prudential Financial (2002)

Need to explain a complicated financial product briefly and clearly — not just to consumers but to the intermediaries you rely on to recommend it? That was the task facing Prudential Bank, which provided trust services through its investment affiliate. I wrote this 12-page slim jim brochure to summarize the key points of CRTs, starting with the basics ("What is a trust?" ).

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