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Small Business-to-Business Services Brochure

Compass Consulting (2008)

Sometimes you need a "popcorn piece," inexpensive enough to hand out like popcorn at industry conferences and speaking engagements. That's the function of this bifold brochure, which helps Compass Consulting introduce its risk and HR management services to small business prospects.


Small Business-to-Business Product Brochure

SunTrust Bank (2005)

Smaller businesses often don't get the control and capability they want if their online banking services were designed for consumers or big corporations. In this 8-panel foldout brochure, I helped SunTrust introduce Online Cash Manager, expressly developed for small to mid-sized firms.


Full-Sized Educational Brochure

Bank of America (2005)

Jargon still dominates a lot of life insurance literature, confusing customers and making sales difficult. In this 4-page sales aid, Banc of America Insurance Services wanted to explain the “what” and “why” of permanent life insurance as simply as possible. My copy recommendation included a chart identifying the typical needs of prospective customers.


Full-Sized Simple Product Brochure

Genworth Financial (2004)

When a settlement is awarded in a liability suit, the plaintiff usually has the option to convert the lump sum into a series of payments. I worked with Genworth (formerly part of GE Financial) to create a family of brochures explaining their annuity options to clients, attorneys, and broker intermediaries. This 4-page client brochure outlines the pros and cons of a structured settlement.

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