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"Sherry, have you ever written _______________ ?"

Chances are, the answer is yes. Print ads, TV and radio spots, sales conference videos, and executive speeches, to name just a few — and that's before opening my own business. Since then I've helped clients communicate in even more ways, including seminars, training manuals, new product names, and call center scripts. Most of my assignments tend to fall into the categories shown below. For an idea of what I could do for you, take a look at some of these samples.

Sales Literature Letters Newsletters Articles Web Copy Ads
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How Much Will It Cost?

As a senior copywriter with considerable financial and business experience, I'll be glad to provide a ballpark estimate or a firm quote on your project. You can count on several advantages with the copy I deliver:

Some typical prices:

Letters Newsletters Articles Ads Web Copy

Small brochure (trifold):

Large brochure
(4-8 pp. or more):
$1,300 and up

Short (250 words):

Long (500 words):

$300 - $500 per page

Up to 1,000 words:

Up to 2,000 words:

Up to 4,500 words:

$300 - $800

Generally $250-$300 per page, depending on complexity

Other Projects - Please contact me for an estimate.

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